Missouri gears up for National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Posted on April 26, 2012

Warmer weather means more motorcycles on American roadways. This means more collisions involving motorcyclists, and in response, the federal government has declared May as National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month to remind motorists to keep an eye out for motorcyclists and motorcyclists to make an effort to make themselves more visible to motor vehicle operators. The state of Missouri has launched a campaign to support this public safety awareness effort by reminding motorists to “Watch for Motorcycles.” Motorcycles are smaller and quicker than automobiles, and more difficult to see on the roadways, especially when they are approaching from the side. Last year 671 motorcycle collisions occurred in the state of Missouri, including 644 accidents causing severe injuries and 82 fatalities. Safety experts advise that drivers can avoid becoming involved in a collision with a motorcyclist by allowing motorcycles to occupy an entire lane, signal and double check their side mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles before changing lanes, and maintain a five second following distance. Experts also advise that motorcyclists wear a safety helmet compliant with safety guidelines, avoid riding in inclement weather conditions, and signal turns with both turn signals and hand signals.

As a car accident attorney in Riverside, I hope this safety effort is successful in making the roadways less dangerous for motorists and motorcyclists alike. If you or someone you love has been  injured in a traffic collision, please consider contacting Riverside personal injury lawyer.

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