Maryland Parents Can Use Skype to Get Car Seat Install Instructions

Posted on April 25, 2012

A pilot program being instituted by the state of Maryland aims to help parents protect their children from harm in the event of a motor vehicle collision.

Kids in Safety Seats, otherwise known as KISS, has created a program wherein parents will be able to get assistance with installing a child safety seat via Skype.  To sign up, parents can simply call a phone number, make an appointment, and get a free Skype account.  Then, starting on April 30 and depending on the time that the appointment was made, technicians will call the parents through Skype to assist them.

The parents can then position their video chat device, be it a smart phone or a laptop or a tablet, in a way that shows technicians the specific car seats and automobiles they are working with.  Participants can expect to receive instruction on recalls, how to follow the instruction manual, usage of the harness, and the actual installation.

At first, the program will only be available Monday mornings.  If its popularity grows, it might expand from there.  Officials with KISS are hoping that this will be an easy alternative for parents that don’t necessarily have the time to make it all the way out to a  car seat inspection event.

I’m glad to see programs like this as a car accident attorney in San Diego.  In this age of constantly evolving technology, it’s vital that we figure out ways to use that technology to help people.  There’s no word on if this program will expand to other states, but as a San Diego personal injury lawyer, I have my fingers crossed that it or something like it will become more prevalent across the country.

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