Kentucky redesigns motorcycle licensing test

Posted on April 24, 2012

Motorists seeking motorcycle operator’s license in the state of Kentucky will soon be required to pass a newly developed motorcycle safety test. The test was developed by safety experts at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation as a response to an increasing number of motorcycle accidents occurring in the state. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers technical assistance to state’s motorcycle licensing departments. According to law enforcement officials, the newly developed test will be more effective at determining the qualifications of potential motorcyclists to operate their vehicles safely in traffic. The new test will require motorcyclists to successfully complete four exercises on a closed course to determine their proficiency with the vehicles. The state’s previous motorcycle operator’s license qualification test required applicants to complete two skills testing exercises. The new tests must be completed under the supervision of a licensed examiner from the Kentucky State Police Department. The state of Kentucky has updated its driver’s manual to reflect the changes in the qualification process for obtaining a motorcycle operator’s license. The new requirements will begin at the beginning of next month.

As a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino, I hope that these new safety requirements make the roads safer for motorcyclists and drivers alike. If you or someone you love has been injured in a traffic collision, please consider contacting a San Bernardino car accident lawyer.

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