Japanese Soap Company Faces Lawsuit Following Severe Reactions

Posted on April 25, 2012

A class action lawsuit has been brought against a Japanese soap manufacturer because of the danger the item posed to consumers.

In May 2011, Yuuka Cosmetics was forced to recall a soap called Cha no Shizuku, which translates to “a drop of tea.”  This came after more than 500 people claimed to have a severe allergic reaction upon repeated usage of the soap, despite the fact that the people did not have any reported sensitivity to food products prior to that time.  70 people even had to receive treatment at a hospital.

The soap contained a wheat known as Glupal 19-S as one of its ingredients, and Japanese scientists believe that repeatedly using the product may have in fact caused previously non-allergic people to develop a wheat allergy.  The Glupal 19-S may have a tendency to pile up in the mucous membranes of a user’s facial cavities such as the nose and eyes.

Because of the recall and ensuing class action suits, ten other companies have recalled cosmetics with wheat.  In the March 2012 issue of the Journal of University of Occupational and Environmental Health, scientists from Japan advised people allergic to gluten to stay away from wheat-containing cosmetics.

Even though this is happening in Japan, I feel the subject is still important to a Long Beach personal injury lawyer like me.  Products have a tendency to make their way overseas, and even if they don’t, one country’s safety hazard today could become another country’s tomorrow.  I will be paying attention to this story as a personal injury attorney in Ventura.

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