Inaccurate Tire Placard Prompts Recall of 672 Toyota Tacomas

Posted on April 17, 2012

Several hundred 2012 Toyota Tacoma trucks are being recalled due to the noted tire and loading information being incorrect in regard to spare tire size and cold inflation pressure.

The information is contained within a placard that is placed on the vehicle.  As this placard is incorrect, the vehicles do not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 110, which governs tire selection and rims.  If the operator of the truck were to follow the guidelines of this placard, he or she runs the risk of making an error while installing or riding on the spare.  This could cause the tire to fail and thus greatly increase the possibility that a crash is going to occur.

At some point this month, Gulf States Toyota will begin notifying owners of the recall and sending each affected user a placard with the correct specifications free of charge.  In the mean time, concerned drivers are being advised to contact Toyota directly if they have a fear that their vehicle may be affected.

A total of 672 units are encompassed by the recall.

As a car accident attorney in Long Beach, I know firsthand how important a spare tire is should a primary tire deflate on the road.  It’s a wonderful safety net to have, but if that tire can’t be properly utilized due to an error in the labeling of the product, then the damage could be catastrophic.  Whether you’re on a spare or not, just heed the advice of a Long Beach personal injury lawyer and always be as careful as possible on the roads.

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