Inaccurate Seating Capacity Label Prompts Kawasaki Recall

Posted on April 26, 2012

An off road vehicle is being recalled because because a certain usage direction on the label might create a hazard.

The Irvine-based Kawasaki Motor Corporation announced the recall, which affects Teryx Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles.  About 2,000 units fall under the purview of the recall, which was initiated after it was discovered that a safety label on the vehicle fails to provide the correct number of people that can be safely seated.  Because the number that is described says that more occupants can ride at once than is actually acceptable, persons obeying this label place themselves and their passengers in danger.

All of the vehicles are of the 2012 model year.  They come in all sorts of colors and have a steering console like a regular automobile.  The vehicles were available between April of last year and this past March.  Customers could have purchased them from $10,600 to $12,000.

Those persons who have the defective units can expect to receive through the mail a glove compartment cover that states the accurate capacity.  Kawasaki will install it for free if need be, but users are being advised that they can just go ahead and install it themselves if they so choose.  There have yet to be reported injuries.

Being a car accident attorney in San Bernardino, it pains me to see any vehicle recall.  The fact that following the directions provided could pose a hazard is incredibly frustrating, but I’m glad as a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer to see Kawasaki address the issue.

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