Inaccurate Label Prompts Recall of Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano

Posted on April 27, 2012

A food product is getting the recall treatment because the box might not contain what it purports on its label.

The recall affects a whopping 16,890 pounds of Stouffer’s brand lasagna frozen dinners, which are likely to not contain lasagna but to instead be filled with the company’s stuffed pepper meal.  Specifically, the items that fall within the purview of the recall are “Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano” with a January 2014 best by date and those shipping cases labeled as “Stouffers DS STFD Peppers”  Each individual meal comes in a 19 and one eighth ounce carton.

The Gaffney, South Carolina-based Nestle Prepared Foods Company initiated the recall.  The labeling error could pose a safety hazard to some, as the worcestershire sauce used as an ingredient in the peppers contains anchovies.  Those allergic to this seafood item could face a severe reaction upon consumption of the product.  No reports of such an occurrence have occurred at this time.

Nestle discovered the issue following complaints from two people who had purchased the mislabeled product.  The firm believes that they likely failed to remove the lasagna packages from the packaging machinery when they switched over to begin production on the peppers.

As should be readily apparent if you follow my Long Beach personal injury lawyer blog, all it takes is one small mistake to create a safety hazard affecting people all across the country.  I have my fingers crossed as a personal injury attorney in Riverside that the package error does not harm any consumers.

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