Ikea Track Lighting Recall Issued Throughout Europe

Posted on April 26, 2012

A recall affecting a large portion of Europe and possibly other environs has been issued by Ikea.

The recall announcement was made by the Stockhom, Sweden-based furniture chain regarding their 365+ Sanda Track 70 and 114 track lighting systems.  These items came from supplier 21338.  Around 95,000 units were sold from September until March of this year.  The majority of these lighting systems were purchased in the countries of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Italy.

At issue is a component known as an earth connection.  This part has a defect that could cause the user to experience an electric shock should he or she come into contact with it.  Consumers who believe they might have this product are being advised to cease using the lighting system and to dismantle it at once.  Users should unplug the unit before making contact with either the track or the lamps.

Once the product has been unplugged, consumers can bring it in to an Ikea store to receive a free replacement.  Thus far, Ikea has not received any reports of injury relating to this safety issue.

This happened far away from a San Francisco personal injury lawyer like myself, but that doesn’t make the recall any less important.  You never know when a unit from overseas could make its way into our own country, or when a similar defect could make some other product dangerous.  I urge everyone as a personal injury attorney in Riverside to pay attention to recalls from all around the globe.

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