Gems Sensors Sprinkler Component Recalled Due to Malfunction

Posted on April 24, 2012

An error that prevents proper water distribution has prompted a recall.

The recall was announced by Gems Sensors, a company based out of the Connecticut city of Plainville.  The safety defect concerns Gems 3100 Pressure Detectors/Transducers.  Around 25,000 units are affected by the recall, and all those units were imported by Gems Sensors from England.

The item is supposed to keep track of water pressure in sprinkler systems designed to quell fire in the event of a blaze, but the transducer does not properly perform this function.  Therefore, there’s a chance that the sprinkler system the transducer is attached to will not displace water to a fire should one occur.

The recall concerns those components whose 18 digit part number begins with the digits 3100.  The items were available for purchase directly through the company or via a number of distributors.  The transducer retailed for $250, and customers may have purchased the item between January 2006 and February of this year.

There has yet to be a reported injury in conjunction with this defect, but users are being urged to get in touch with Gems to obtain instructions on how to conduct bi-weekly inspections, and if necessary, to receive a free replacement.

As a personal injury attorney in San Diego, I’m sorry to see a component vital to preserving safety possibly pose a danger.  It’s essential that devices designed to lower the threat of fire be able to function correctly.  I hope as a Riverside personal injury lawyer that no one gets injured due to this threat.

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