Fuel Leakage Issue Prompts Recall of Husqvarna Grass Trimmer

Posted on April 4, 2012

It seems like everyday there’s a new product recall that affects thousands of people across the country, and today is no different.

Husqvarna Professional Products, a company based out of North Carolina, has announced a recall of 19,500 grass trimmers and an additional 6,500 hedge trimmers.

Manufactured in China, the items were available at a number of Husqvarna retailers across the country, including Sears and Lowes, between May 2011 and January of this year.  They retailed anywhere from $150 to $320.

The safety issue has to do with a rubber spacer on the device.  This component is supposed to secure the fuel lines inside the fuel tank.  However, a leak can spring from the rubber spacer, which would create a fire hazard.  There have already been seven reports of leakage, although thankfully, no injuries appear to have occurred in conjunction with this defect.

Consumers are being advised to cease usage of the hedge and grass trimmers at once.  They can bring the trimmers back from the dealer that it was purchased from, at which point the item will be repaired for no charge.

As a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, I’m sad to see yet another product get recalled because of a defect.  Trimmers like this could be dangerous if not used properly anyway, so it’s disheartening to see a flaw create an additional hazard.  I hope as a Bakersfield personal injury lawyer that no one gets hurt because of this item.

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