FDA’s second annual Reportable Food Registry review released

Posted on April 20, 2012

The second annual edition of the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Reportable Food Registry review was released recently. The Reportable Food Registry is a program requiring food manufacturers and distributors producing or importing food in the United States to report any potentially harmful food products currently being sold in the country. The review lists more than 880 reports of potentially dangerous food products being sold for human or animal consumption, including nearly 230 primary reports concerning specific products. This number is significantly reduced from the previous year’s registry review results. In the inaugural year of the program, 2,240 reports were filed, but the number of primary reports remained consistent. The large difference between the years can be attributed to the larger number of secondary reports the FDA received during the first year of the Reportable Food Registry program. Amended reports became more common in the second year, however, with nearly 175 reports needing correction after they’d been released, as compared with about 140 reports in the program’s first year. According to the registry review, the FDA has become more efficient in handling complaints and announcing food recalls since the Reportable Food Registry program was launched.

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