FDA Pledges to Expand Commitment to Global Product Safety

Posted on April 23, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration wants consumers to know that it is doing what it can to ensure the safety of items produced from without as well as from within.

To that end, they have released their “Global Engagement Report.”  This report seeks to explain to consumers and concerned individuals the many ways in which the FDA is expanding its purview to focus more on issues across the entire globe instead of just in America.  The chief goal of the FDA hopes to address with this report is to guarantee that foods produced abroad meet the same safety standards that Americans have come to expect from domestic products.

The report details a number of strategies that the FDA is embarking upon to meet this goal.  It talks about the agency’s establishment of offices in different continents acrosss the globe in an effort to learn about those locales’ regulations.  They are helping foreign governments and safety agencies to improve on their regulatory procedures, as well as assisting them with an understanding of United States safety standards and the FDA’s own processes.

The FDA points out an increase of food importation by the United States by 10% every year for the past six years as a reason why this measure is so important.

I firmly believe as a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles that food safety is vital to preserving public health.  With imports becoming more and more commonplace, I’m glad to see the FDA doing something to maintain globally the standards we expect locally.  It’s my hope as a San Jose personal injury attorney that their efforts save lives.

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