FDA Partners With China to Increase Product Safety

Posted on April 4, 2012

A number of products that end up being recalled on American shores actually come from China, which is why I was glad to see steps taken to reduce safety hazards in our partner country overseas.

The Food and Drug Administration is increasing its efforts to train Chinese regulators in conducting safety inspections at manufacturing plants and on improving safety measures across the board.  In 2008, the FDA established a 13 person office in the city of Beijing, and since then, they have worked closely with Chinese officials to ensure that products released in both countries are considered fit for consumption.

In September, the FDA conducted a workshop meant to show how the United States approaches inspections.  Much of the focus was placed on how to evaluate machinery maintenance, labeling, and item packaging specifications.  A mock investigation was held so that Chinese regulators could get a bird’s-eye view of inspection proceedings.

The increased partnership is a direct result of a number of health scares in 2007 and 2008 caused by items made in China.  Numerous countries were rocked by contaminations in products as varied as blood thinners, pet food, toothpaste, seafood, and baby food.  In 2011, 24 million import shipments of various goods arrived in the US, making solving such safety issues a priority.

I’m glad to see global partnership as a Fresno personal injury lawyer.  These types of close relationships are beneficial to all involved, and if it can save even one life, then I’m quite pleased as a personal injury attorney in San Diego.

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