FDA Issues Follow Up Warning About Brilliant Blue G Drug

Posted on April 20, 2012

Reports of eye infections have prompted the Food and Drug Administration to offer a follow-up warning on a drug that they began alerting consumers about just over a month ago.

On March 19, The FDA warned physicians to immediately cease using a drug known as Brilliant Blue G, which may be administered during eye surgery.  This drug has not been approved in this country, but it was distributed throughout the nation by the Ocala, Florida-based Franck’s Pharmacy.  That firm has since recalled the drug as well as a lot of Triamcinolone Acetonide P.F.

Both of those mentioned drugs have been the subject of new reports that have come in to the FDA in which eye infections, or fungal endophthalmitis, occurred following eye surgeries throughout a number of states.  The FDA is working with local health agencies and the Centers for Disease Control to determine what happened in these incidents.

In the meantime, doctors are being asked to use the Medwatch program to report any illnesses associated with these products.  The FDA has also advised doctors not to use any triamcinolone products that were supplied by Franck’s until they receive word that such items are safe for use.

It saddens me as a personal injury attorney in San Francisco to see a warning need to be expanded.  One hopes that if a recall occurs, it’s taken care of promptly, but this shows that a defective product can have long-lasting repercussions.  I hope as a Riverside personal injury lawyer that no one else has to get hurt by this unapproved drug.

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