Fall Hazard Causes Recall of Williams-Sonoma West Elm Desk Chairs

Posted on April 5, 2012

With the staggering number of recalls that get issued on a regular basis, it can seem like nowhere is safe from a potentially defective product.  And as you’re about to see, the very chair you’re sitting on right now could pose a threat.

Williams-Sonoma’s West Elm division has announced a recall of a series of folding chairs imported by the San Francisco-based company.  Produced in Malaysia, the chairs are wooden and come in red, white, and chocolate.  Just over two and a half feet tall, the chairs have a sticker that says “West Elm” on the bottom.

10,000 chairs in the United States are affected by this recall, with an additional 100 defective units in Canada.  The issue at hand is that the chair can potentially collapse while a person is sitting on it, causing them to crash to the ground.  14 reports have surfaced of this very thing happening, with two people suffering minor injuries that did not demand medical assistance.

The items were available in the West Elm catalogue, website, and in stores across the country.  They retailed from $20 to $40 and were on sale from September of last year to this past January.  Owners can contact the company to receive refund instructions.

As a San Jose personal injury lawyer, I’m saddened to have to report yet another recall from a company based out of my neighboring city of San Francisco.  Manufacturers need to maintain safety measures with even mundane objects.  That way they won’t have to cross the path of a personal injury attorney in Bakersfield or any other city.

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