Compromised Vision Prompts Recall of 2012 Ford Focus

Posted on April 9, 2012

One of the best selling automobiles in the country has been recalled because of an issue that affects a driver’s vision.

The vehicle in question is the 2012 Ford Focus, one of the company’s biggest sellers.  It is also a vehicle that Consumer Reports had deemed one of the most fun small cars in the country to drive.  Over 140,000 vehicles are encompassed by this particular recall.  They were all manufactured between August 2010 and October of last year.

At issue is the fact that the cars were accidentally made without seals being installed on the passenger side windshield wiper blade motor wiring.  This can cause the wiper blade on the passenger’s side to cease functioning completely, and if a storm or some other obstacle presents itself on the road, then the risk of a crash becomes much greater due to a lack of proper sight.

Beginning in May, Ford will be contacting affected users with instructions on how to get the issue taken care of.  This will involve bringing the automobile to a licensed dealer, who can provide a mechanic to inspect, clean, and seal the damaged unit as necessary, or else replace a failed motor.  All of this will be done at no cost to the consumer.

As a personal injury attorney in Long Beach, I’m sorry to see a defect compromise the safety of a driver, passengers, and other commuters on the road.  Highways can be dangerous places, but they are made even more so when a vehicle has a design flaw.  It’s my hope as a Long Beach car accident lawyer that automobile owners across the country pay attention to recall information and promptly get the issue taken care of when their vehicle is the one in question.

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