Challenges Impede Mandatory Rearview Camera Ruling

Posted on April 10, 2012

Studies have shown that rear-view cameras can save a number of lives if they are installed on vehicles across the country, but when can we expect this to become commonplace?

A new report discusses the benefits of such devices as well as difficulties that are preventing extensive installation.  It quotes statistics which show that a camera that reveals the area directly behind a vehicle ensures that there will be no blind spot whatsoever for the driver.

The benefits of rear view camera technology are so great that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has tried multiple times to get such devices to be mandatory on new vehicles.  The first call to action would have seen them in all cars from the model year 2014 onward, but the mandate has been delayed three times.

What’s the problem?  For one thing, cost.  Estimates have pegged an increased per vehicle cost of between $159 and $203.  The type of screen and the quality of the image must also be carefully considered.  Other people seem to think that a rear-view camera can, under some circumstances, cause a driver to pay less attention to the road because they will put too much trust in the camera’s ability to keep them out of trouble.  This isn’t to mention the fact that it might take upwards of three decades for the cameras to become truly widespread.

As a San Diego car accident attorney, I’m at least glad that the debate has gotten people talking about this critical safety issue.  If even a single life is spared due to a safety measure, then I think it’s worth implementing as a personal injury lawyer in San Diego.

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