Cancer Drugs Seized After Circumventing FDA Approval Process

Posted on April 16, 2012

United States Marshals seized a number of supposed cancer curing drugs from a plant in Bogard, Missouri.

The seizure was initiated following a request by the Food and Drug Administration, who investigated the plant in January following a complaint from a consumer.  The manufacturer in question, Notions-N-Things Distribution, was responsible for marketing drugs that purported to cure cancer.  The FDA has said, though, that these items were not approved by the FDA and may contain ingredients that might be toxic or could pose a danger to those with allergies.

1,600 containers in total were seized by the marshals.  The first item removed was chickweed healing salve, which its makers claimed could cure skin cancer, but that contains an ingredient known as comfrey which the FDA says puts the user in danger of contracting systemic toxicity.  The next item, To-Mor-Gone, was seized because of the aforementioned lack of approval and because it contains bloodroot.  Bloodroot is in fact a corrosive substance which, when applied to human skin, would create a scar that hides a tumor’s presence rather than outright cure it.

The third seized drug, R.E.P., supposedly fights sinus infections and headaches, but its label doesn’t list any ingredients whatsoever, thus not meeting FDA standards.

I know how important the FDA approval process is as a personal injury lawyer in Ventura.  Even when companies have a consumer’s best interests at heart, it’s vital that a product is proven safe before it’s distributed to a consumer.  Perhaps the makers of these items will now seek FDA approval and the items can come out with the proper labels.  As a Bakersfield personal injury attorney, all I care about is that the consumer is safe.

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