California Highway patrol steps up traffic law enforcement

Posted on April 5, 2012

As part of National Distracted Driving Month in April and the upcoming California Teen Safe Driving Week, law enforcement officials are increasing their enforcement of driving safety regulations.

In the first half of 2011, the number of 16-year-old drivers killed in auto collisions in California has increased by 16 percent as compared to the same time span in 2010, according to statistics released by California Highway Patrol. Reckless and inattentive driving, according to these same statistics, is the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Law enforcement officials are seeking to inform high school students of these statistics. Even a few moments of inattention could have fatal consequences, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Officers compare distracted driving to driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. According to a University of Utah study, using a handheld or hands-free cell phone while driving can delay a driver’s reaction time as much as a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08.

While text messaging or talking to someone on a cell phone can be deadly, the highway patrol to remind drivers that handheld communication devices are not the only distractions. Eating and drinking, applying makeup, etc., can also put drivers and others at risk.

As a Long Beach car accident attorney, I hope these and similar efforts are successful in making our roads safer for everyone. If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile collision, please consider contacting a Long Beach personal injury lawyer.

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