British Scientists Want to Make Cars Safer For Older Drivers

Posted on April 23, 2012

A team of British researchers has embarked upon the creation of technology that they say could keep elderly drivers driving longer and in a safer fashion than had previously been possible.

Scientists from Newcastle University have outfitted a Peugeot Ion with various tracking devices that can keep track of levels of stress, concentration, and driving habits.  They hope that their findings can lead to new technologies that would make it easier for persons over the age of 65 to get around in an automobile.  Their research was made possible by funding from the Research Councils UK Digital Economy Program.

Biometric technology and goggles that track eye movement will be used to monitor cardiovascular health and heart rate, among other things.  Researchers claim that their findings will lead to technology that can address shortcomings in an elderly person’s driving habits.  These technological advances could include informational displays on the windshield, systems that alert the driver to blind spots, and radar that tells the driver how far they are from vehicles ahead of them.

The group is also looking into the efficacy of navigational systems that provide visual directions instead of just directional based directions.  A device like this would say something like “turn right at the mailbox,” instead of simply relating the distance away from the vehicle, i.e. “turn left in 300 feet.”

I hope as a personal injury lawyer in Long Beach that this technology and others like it can help improve road safety.  It seems like every day sees the creation of some new safety features, and it’s a trend I’d like to see continue as a Long Beach car accident attorney.

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