Britax Recalls Baby-Safe Infant Carriers Throughout Europe

Posted on April 13, 2012

I previously brought you news about a recall on drop side cribs, and now comes word about another recall that affects a product that children rest in.

This time, the product in question is the Britax Baby-Safe infant carrier.  Britax has taken pains to inform consumers that the recall does not involve their Baby-Safe Plus or their Baby-Safe Plus II SHR models.

The affected items were available for sale in February and March of this year, but only in Europe.  Affected consumers are being advised to cease carrying their children in this carrier and to call Britax to receive recall instructions as soon as possible.

The problem has to do with the handle of the carrier.  There are times when, if the parents lifts the handle to carry the seat, then the handle itself can break off from the main body of the unit.  This can cause the seat to swing apart from the handle or even come off completely, falling to the ground in the process.  This would pose a hazard to the child.

Britax is said to be working on a new design for these and other seats that have reportedly suffered an incident.

I’m sad to see another safety hazard as a personal injury lawyer in Ventura.  When dealing with a children’s product especially, one would hope that manufacturers are taking the necessary steps to ensure safety.  And although Europe might be far away from a Fresno personal injury attorney like me, you never know when a product could make its way into America and pose a danger here.

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