Alabama Senate and House Seek Compromise on Texting Ban

Posted on April 25, 2012

Alabama is one step closer to disallowing the practice of texting while driving.

Yesterday, members of the Senate met to vote on House Bill 2, which would ban people from texting while behind the wheel of an automobile.  The measure was approved by a 24 to 7 vote.  This comes in addition to a similar bill passed two months ago by the Alabama House of Representatives, who voted 94-0 in support of their own ban.

The House has rejected the Senate version of the bill and instead requested that a conference committee encompassing members of the House and Senate meet to iron out the kinks and make a compromise.  Lawmakers are confident that a deal can be reached.

There are a few key differences in the two bills that have proven to be sticking points.  The Senate bill has a provision providing for exceptions to texting when a person has their vehicle stopped in the road, say by a traffic light, as well as for people checking the directions on a GPS.  Lawmakers believe that with those two exceptions gone, a reconciliation is possible.  The Senate bill also provides exemptions for emergency workers on the job and drivers in the process of seeking emergency services.

As a Riverside personal injury attorney, I’m glad that yet another state is attempting to curb this very dangerous practice.  I hope the two sides can work out a compromise.  I believe as a car accident lawyer in Riverside that doing so could save many lives.

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