Alabama moves closer to banning texting and driving

Posted on April 27, 2012

Alabama is one step closer to becoming the 38th state in the United States to prohibit drivers from composing and reading text messages while behind the wheel of a moving automobile recently after the state’s legislature voted unanimously to approve a new regulation banning the practice. The legislation, now awaiting the approval of the state’s governor, would make it illegal for motorists to engage in text messaging or email-based communication using a handheld electronic device while driving a motor vehicle. The bill, a compromise between the House and Senate versions of the legislation, passed unopposed by a vote of 28 to zero in the Senate and 95 to zero in the House of Representatives. The legislation provides exemptions for emergency situations and for entering information into a global positioning service navigational device. Lawmakers are hopeful the legislation will reduce the dangers of roadway travel, though some point out that similar ordinances passed in Alabama cities have been difficult to enforce and have resulted in few citations. A representative from the governor’s office said the governor will review the legislation before deciding whether to sign it into law.

As a car accident attorney in San Bernardino, I hope that these and other laws are effective in reducing the frequency of accidents caused by distracted drivers. If you or someone you love has been injured in a collision involving an inattentive motorist, please consider contacting a Ventura car accident lawyer.

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