Daimler Trucks recalls four Freighliner models

Posted on April 5, 2012

Daimler Trucks has announced a voluntary recall of its Freightliner vehicle models Business Class M2, Cascadia, and Western Star 4900, all released during the 2012 model year. The Business Class M2 and Cascadia model Freightliners were potentially assembled improperly, using a sterring wheel nut that may be insufficient to create the clamp load needed to properly position the steering wheel on its shaft. An incorrectly positioned steering wheel can increase the difficulty of controlling the Freightliner, increasing the likelihood of collision. In addition, the Cascadia model, as well as the Western Star 4900, may have been outfitted with specific drivers’ seats manufactured by National Seat. The seat bases for these models may not be welded to meet safety standards, increasing the likelihood the seat will collapse unexpectedly, potentially decreasing visibility and vehicle control and increasing the likelihood of a collision. Approximately 1,046 Business Class M2 and Cascadia models are affected by the steering wheel recall. Owners of affected vehicles can have a replacement steering wheel nut installed by a licensed Daimler repair shop free of charge. Approximately 8, 747 units of the Cascadia and the Western Star 4900 Freightliner vehicles are affected by the drivers’ seat recall. Owners of affected vehicles will be given the opportunity to have replacement and reinforcement components installed for free by a licensed Daimler repair technician.

As a San Bernardino car accident attorney, I hope these potential manufacturing defects don’t result in any injuries or property damage. If you or a loved one has bee involved in a collision involving a malfunctioning vehicle, please consider contacting a personal injury team in San Bernardino .


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