Study Says Texting is Dangerous No Matter the Phone's Position

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For those still not sure that the act of texting while driving is dangerous, here’s one more study that seeks to convince you.

Under the banner of a project known as Generation tXt, students, under the guidance of University of Oklahoma School of Medicine faculty, looked at the driving habits of thirty students between the ages of 15 and 19.  These participants were then tasked with submitting to a driving simulator in three scenarios:  while not on a phone, while the phone was held down low as if to hide the device from police, and with the phone held in a position of their own choosing.

What researchers discovered was that neither position that the phone was held in would increase driving ability over the other position.  Both placements severely impeded the ability of the teenagers to drive the vehicle properly.

The study debuted its results at an annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies on Sunday.  The research was conducted in order to respond to those persons who say that anti-texting laws are forcing teenagers and other drivers to hide their phones in a way that makes it more difficult to drive.

I know how important studies like this are as a car accident lawyer in Ventura.  I’ve long suspected that it doesn’t matter where a phone is held; what matters is that, in texting, your mind isn’t on the road ahead.  I hope as a Ventura personal injury attorney that people can now begin to address the real problem.