Laceration Hazard Forces Recall of 3,000 Gerber Instant Knives

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The threat of inadvertent laceration has caused the recall of an item meant to lacerate.

The Portland, Oregon-based company Gerber Legendary Blades has announced a recall of their Gerber Instant Knife.  These black knives have a 3.18 inch blade that can be splayed outward or retracted thanks to the assistance of a spring.  Affected model numbers, which can be found beneath the barcode on the knife’s package, are 30-000435 and 31-001101.

The issue has to do with the blade’s locking mechanism.  This component might not work properly, and as such, an extended blade might suddenly fold, cutting the person using the blade.  No injuries of this nature have been reported as yet in the 3,000 affected units.

These knives were available all across the country at a variety of sporting goods retail outlets in February and March.  They sold for around $50.  Persons who have the affected items are being advised to cease usage at once.  Gerber is willing to provide a free replacement to those knife owners who contact them.

Knives are dangerous without there being something wrong with the item, which is why it’s particularly frightening to this San Diego personal injury lawyer that this product has had to be recalled.  When you’re dealing with blades, particular care should be taken to ensure safety.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed as a personal injury attorney in Bakersfield that the affected products all get promptly replaced.