Lucas and Schultz Settle Ankle Injury Case For $1,200,000

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On April 13th 2012, trial lawyers Spencer Lucas and Tom Schultz settled a complex semi-truck collision case for $1,200,000.  The Plaintiff was a truck driver that was slowing for traffic on the 60 freeway when he was rear-ended by another semi truck.  The impact was relatively minor but caused The Plaintiff seat to dislodge forward and strike the back of his ankle causing a fracture which ultimately required surgery. 

The Plaintiff additionally sustained a herniated disc in his lumbar spine which required surgery one year after the incident.  The defendants claimed that The Plaintiff was negligent because the brake lights on his trailer were not working, and that he went back to work post-incident, and therefore his injuries were not as serious as he claimed.  Days prior to trial the Pomona case was settled for $1,200,000.