AAA speaks to distracted drivers in their own language

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The Ohio chapter of the American Automobile Association is attempting to discourage drivers from sending and receiving text messages in a new public safety awareness advertising campaign. Currently, the state of Ohio does not prohibit drivers from using handheld communication devices to compose and read text based messages while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. The advertising campaign will include radio spots emphasizing the risks of texting while driving and messages posted on 21 billboards throughout 19 counties in the state of Ohio that use text abbreviations to discourage drivers from the practice. The billboards read SRSLY, DNT TXT AND DRV, which in text speak reads “seriously, don’t text and drive.” The billboards will remain posted throughout the state for the next several months, and the radio ads will be broadcast from the rest of the year.

Approximately one fourth of all auto collisions involve a driver sending and receiving text messages at the time of the accident. House Bill 99, currently under consideration by the Ohio state legislature, would prohibit drivers throughout the state of Ohio from sending and receiving text messages while behind the wheel of an automobile.
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