Propane Leak Defect Prompts Recall of 89000 STOK Gas Grills

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Nearly 90,000 STOK gas grills are being recalled, the lion’s share of them residing in the United States.

87,600 STOK Island and STOK Quattro gas grills are affected by the recall in America with an additional 1,400 throughout Canada.  The grills were imported from China by the Anderson, South Carolina-based One World Technologies.

At issue is a defect in the grill’s regulator.  This component can leak ignitable propane gas, which could create a risk of a fire and subsequent burn to anyone using the grill or in the area.  There have yet to be injuries reported in conjunction with this issue, but there have been a whopping 569 reports of a leak.

These grills were available for purchase across the country at Home Depot and Direct Tools Factory Outlet.  Consumes are being advised to check the regulators on the grill.  If the date code on the back is between 1046 and 1143 and the unit has the letters AZF on the front, the grill is affected by the recall.  These grills were sold between March of last year and this past February, and they retailed from $79 to $350.

Consumers are being advised to discontinue use and contact One World for a replacement regulator.

I’m sorry as a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco to see yet another product that poses a safety hazard for consumers.  Because of the abundance of recalls, I make it my duty as a San Jose personal injury lawyer to spread the word about dangers to the citizens of this country.