13,000 Girls Jackets Recalled Due to Entanglement Hazard

Posted on April 24, 2012

Another children’s clothing item is being recalled due to a possible entanglement hazard.

The recall was announced by New York-based Louise Paris.  It concerns 13,000 “Me Jane” and “B-Hip Kids by MeJane” jackets.  These jackets have what’s described as a faux fur trim and were imported from China.  They were sold across the country at Ross retail stores between November and January.  The items retailed for around $20.

The defect concerns the jackets’ waist drawstrings.  Following 15 years of guidelines and voluntary standards issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in regard to the dangers of drawstrings, the organization finally announced an official regulation on these items in 2011.  The jackets involved in the recall do not meet this relatively new standard.  Their drawstrings pose an entanglement hazard to the child wearing the item.

Thankfully, there haven’t been any reported injuries in conjunction with this recall.  However, consumers are being urged by the company to immediately disconnect the drawstrings from the jackets in order to make the item safe for use.  Parents can contact Louise Paris for refund instructions.

This is the second drawstring-related recall issued today.  I’m sad to see this safety breach as a personal injury attorney in San Francisco.  Guidelines that govern clothing safety are vital to protecting children, and I hate to see some article of clothing be in breach of those guidelines.  It’s my wish as a Fresno personal injury lawyer that all of these items get returned or corrected before an injury occurs.

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