Undeclared Allergen Prompts Recall of Food Lion Taco Dinner

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Every day seems to bring an announcement of a recall due to the presence of an allergen not listed on the label of a product, and sadly, today is no different.

The item in question is called Food Lion store brand hard/soft taco dinner.  This particular item was sold at Food Lion, Harveys, and Reid’s supermarkets in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and other Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states.  All of these supermarkets are owned and operated by Delhaize America.

The chicken caesar flavored seasoning in the dinner product could contain a milk allergen that was not supposed to be in the package and is thus not apparent on the label of the item.  Persons allergic to milk could suffer a severe reaction from ingesting the product, and as such, the item has already been pulled from store shelves.

The taco dinner, which came in a package of 13.4 ounces, has a UPC of 3532605118 and comes from lot number ga-aug07125.  Concerned citizens that have this mislabeled product in their possession are being advised to bring the item back to any of the previously mentioned supermarkets to receive a complete refund from the company.

Being a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco, I keep track of recalls pretty regularly, and it seems like lately there have been a hefty number of recalls due to undeclared allergens.  This is a disturbing trend that I hope is curtailed fairly quickly, because as a Riverside personal injury attorney, I would hate to see anyone get hurt due to a poorly labeled product.