White cars save lives, safety experts say

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Darker colors such as black and navy blue are popular car colors that many consumers think will guarantee a good resale value, but safety experts say white is the best bet for avoiding an accident down the road.

When the outside light is dim, white cars are less likely to be involved in an auto collision, according to tests administered Germany’s Tuev-Nord agency.
International car crash statistics reveal the greater danger inherent in darker color choices.
Even in broad daylight black cars are the most difficult to see, and popular color choices such as charcoal and gray are not much more visible.
Lighter colors such as white and yellow more effectively reflect the ambient light, making them easier to spot in all conditions.
Pink cars are involved in the least number of collisions, according to a Swedish safety study.

Research compiled by the Accident Unit at the Monash University in Australia, indicates that when compared to the average rates for white cars, black cars are 12 percent likely to be involved in a traffic accident, and gray and silver cars are not much safer.
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