Safety administration probes Chevy Cruze for fire risk

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After receiving at least two complaints that the Chevrolet Cruze has caught fire while in motion, the National Highway Transportation  Safety Administration has launched an investigation of the  vehicle, the bestselling passenger vehicle in the General Motor’s line. GM reports receiving at least 19 warranty claims related to the Cruze catching fire,  and the automaker has launched its own investigation to determine the cause.

In one incident reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the driver pulled over after smelling smoke.  Flames began to appear, and a warning light came on . The car was fully engulfed within a period of five minutes. The other complaint involved a driver waiting at an intersection when the woman in the car one lane over began to warn the driver that the Cruze had caught fire. This automobile, too, quickly became enveloped in flames.

Seven out of eight of the complaints received by the HTSA involve the vehicle catching fire while in motion. In one case, the driver has the car idling in park when someone warned him that car was producing flames.

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