Improperly Eviscerated Yellow Croaker Poses Botulism Risk

Posted on February 2, 2012

Sometimes, the very way in which a food is processed can pose a danger to the consumer.

W & C International Import Inc. has announced a recall of their “Rely” Dried Yellow Croaker, a fish product made in China but distributed all across the United States.  New York State Food Laboratory testing revealed that the fish was not properly eviscerated before being shipped to market.

What does this mean?  Well, clostridium botulinum spores, a cause of botulism, are faremore likely to appear in a fish that hasn’t been eviscerated.  These spores flourish more so in the viscera of the fish than in any other part of the animal, and as such, the New York State Agriculture and Markets department carefully monitors products to ensure proper evisceration.

Thus far, no illnesses have been reported.  Consumers are advised to return the Croaker to avoid a possible contamination of the botulism disease.

As a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino, I know that we often take for granted the fact that the food we have in our homes is safe for consumption.  Oftentimes, though, contaminated products slip through the cracks.  That’s why it’s my advice as a Fresno personal injury lawyer to always monitor news feeds for the latest in product recall information.

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