Caterpillar Recalls Certain 2012-2013 CT660 Trucks

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According to news sources, a recall has been issued for about 104 units of certain model 2012-2013 CT660 Caterpillar Commercial Trucks due issues related to the brakes potentially overheating and causing a fire.

The company, Caterpillar Inc, announced the recall after it was discovered the the Bendix ATR-6 equipped trucks could develop a valve leak in extremely cold condition, leading to a continuous brake application to take place. Continuos brake application can result in the brakes overheating and possibly leading to a fire. Such a situation could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle, thereby increasing the risk of crash.

Bendix is currently working on a permanent remedy, however vehicle owners will be notified by the company to take the recalled vehicle models to their dealers for a temporary repair.

Vehicle owners may also contact the company for additional information at 309-675-5658.

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