Lush Life Power Strips Recalled by The Container Store

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Likely you have a power strip somewhere in your home.  If so, then you may want to pay attention to the following recall.

Lush Life power strips that were sold for $15 at various Container Store locations nationwide have been recalled.  The items in question do not meet fire resistance requirements because the wiring in the units is undersized.  This poses a hazard.

Three different brightly colored designs are affected by the recall:  a zebra unit, a blue and orange dotted unit, and a black with white scroll unit.  Each of the models is a six-outlet strip with a three foot power cord and 8001-6 etched on the back.

The items were sold from October to December of last year.  As of yet, no injuries have been reported.  The items can be returned not only for a full refund, which is typically the case, but also for an additional $15 gift certificate to the store.

As a personal injury lawyer in Fresno, I pay attention to all sorts of recall information.  I’m glad to see any safety issue caught before someone is injured, especially if the item in question poses a fire hazard.  It’s my hope as a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer that consumers heed this recall and cease using the product.