NHTSA Could Make Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Mandatory

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Could car accidents become a thing of the past?

That’s what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hopes to ultimately achieve.  Next year, they might take a big leap toward that goal when they meet to decide whether or not to create regulations concerning vehicle to vehicle communication.

After finishing up a number of studies, the NHTSA feels they’re ready to examine the data to see if they should institute a mandate that would require such technology in every car.

The idea is that vehicles will send signals to one another to prevent collisions.  The NHTSA believes that this sort of technology could be a preventative factor in 80% of crash scenarios.

Similar mandates have already occurred.  Electronic stability control must be in every new car, and forward collision warning and lane departure warning are also being instituted in new vehicles.

These safety measures seem to be working.  33,000 traffic fatalities occurred in 2010, which is 25% less than the number of deaths in 2006.

As a car accident attorney in Fresno, I’m glad to see emerging technologies designed to keep commuters safe.  By eliminating the possibility of error, roads can become safer than they’ve ever been.  Maybe a 100% fatality free statistic is impossible, but it’s my hope as a Fresno personal injury lawyer that we can come pretty close.