BMW Recalls Mini Coopers From Brazil Over Fire Hazard

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BMW has long been a maker of luxury cars, but even such high-end vehicles can pose a safety risk.

Today, the company announced a recall of 2,470 Mini Coopers manufactured between 2006 and 2011.  The vehicles in question were only sold in Brazil.

The problem has to do with the motor’s cooling system.  According to BMW’s Sao Paolo press office, the water pump that’s responsible for keeping the car’s turbocharger cool could be faulty.  Engine overheating or even a possible fire could be triggered by faults in the pump.

Brazil is currently the fourth largest automobile market by sales, but it’s faced a number of recalls recently.  Various production problems have resulted in the recall of nearly 2 million cars in the past couple years alone.

As a car accident attorney in San Diego, I like to keep my eyes open to recall information from all across the globe.  The truth is, if a recall could happen in one part of the world, it could happen in another.  Although I’m not directly affected by this particular recall, I think it’s important to always be prepared in case a company extends a recall to those parts of the country that impact me as a San Diego personal injury lawyer.