Auto Insurance Companies Raising Rates on Texters

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For awhile now, all sorts of people have been talking up the dangers inherent in texting while driving.  Yet, for all the hard work some people do to bring awareness to this cause, people continue to distract themselves by texting on their phones.  Now, though, comes a study that might prove a bit more effective in curbing texting, because it purports to illustrate how texting while driving can actually hurt your wallet.

Insurance companies, apparently fed up with the number of accidents occurring due to texting, are raising premiums on offenders.  This is according to a study done by a leading insurance quotes website, which also found that nearly 10% of drivers nationwide text while behind the wheel.

These aren’t the only measures insurance companies are seeking to put into place.  There’s even talk of creating a text-blocking app or installing a device on a car that would block all cell phone’s signal while in motion.

As a San Francisco car accident lawyer, I’ve seen firsthand how prevalent an issue texting while driving is.  Perhaps raising insurance rates on those who make the mistake is the best way to keep peoples’ eyes on the road.  To a car accident lawyer in San Francisco like me, this seems like an idea that just might work.