FDA Prohibits Use of Certain Antibiotics in Livestock

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According to news sources, a ruling issued by the Food and Drug Administration today will effectively put an end to the practice of using common antibiotics in livestock, in an attempt to protect human beings from drug-resistant bacteria, which may have evolved as a direct result of the practice.

The ruling will prevent only drugs belonging to the class of antibiotics known as cephalosporins from being used in livestock. The measure places an emphasis on preventing the use of this class of antibiotics in certain types of livestock, such as cattle, swine, turkeys and poultry. The threat arises from the livestock carrying drug-resistant germs in their manure or flesh, which they can then transmit to humans, as a result of the antibiotic treatments they receive to treat certain disease.

The purpose of the ruling is to help decrease the number of people becoming ill due to spreading resistant superbugs, by prohibiting the extra-label use of this class of antibiotics.

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