Helena Implements Distracted Driving Measures

Posted on December 7, 2011

According to news sources, Helena began implementing new measures aimed towards distracted driving Wednesday with a “distracted driving” ordinance being set in place that would allow Helena police to pull over people deemed as violating the law.

The ban mostly revolves around prohibiting motorists from using cell phones when behind the wheel, yet there are a few additional details included that are also of importance. Only law enforcement officers, along with those attempting to make 911 calls, will now be able to use cell phones while driving. Otherwise, hands free devices utilizing Bluetooth headsets will be mandatory if cell phone usage is desired while driving.

Fines for offenders will be capped at $100, yet the offense is reportedly not one that will be recorded to a drivers driving record.

The city has also announced that signs will be posted on the roadways to ensure that drivers are aware of the new changes to the law.

As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, I have seen many instances of distracted driving cause severe devastation both to those who participate in activities such as texting while driving, as well as those who are victims of crashes caused by distracted drivers. As a car accident lawyer Los Angeles, I encourage you to put away your phone when you drive, or invest in a hands-free device that will allow you to communicate legally.

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