Encouraging Elderly Driving Safety

Posted on December 8, 2011

According to news sources, the Missouri Older Driver Safety week is already underway, recognizing the fact that increasing numbers of elder citizens and taking onto the roadways and staying equally active during retirement years.

The city has already taken numerous measures to ensure safety on the roadway for older drivers while actively making effective improvements to those measures. Such measures include placing signs well in advance of intersections, placing larger letters on signs and creating rumble stripes on the sides of roadways to alert motorists veering off the roadway.

Research has shown that the elderly can protect themselves and increase their safety on the roadway by following simple safety tips. Such tips include having regular vision and health checkups, adjusting mirrors and seats so that chests are about 10 inches away from the steering wheel and the line of vision is at least three inches over the wheel, just to name a few.

All motorists are also encouraged to be restrained while in a moving vehicle.

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