NHSTA Investigates Ford Freestyle Seat Anchor Problem

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According to news sources, a third-row seat anchor issue in 2004 Ford Freestyle and Mercury Monterey vans has prompted The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to open an investigation into the issue to explore whether or not a recall of the vehicle models is warranted.

The vehicles in question have seat anchors that reportedly fail to secure third-row seats in the 2004 Ford Freestyle and Mercury Monterey vehicle models. The NHTSA has reportedly received 7 reports regarding the seat anchor issue, with one of the reports claiming that the seat anchor allegedly separated completely.

States where chemicals are used for de-icing the roadways may have a higher number of affected vehicles since the chemicals may cause corrosion in the rear wheel wells, which are attached to the seat anchors.

The NHTSA is continuing its investigation in order to determine whether or not a recall of the vehicle models is necessary.

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