HawksHead Introduces Innovative New Truck-Tire Pressure System

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According to news sources, the company HawksHead is introducing a new innovative semi truck tire pressure monitoring system called TnT System (Truck and Trailer) to help assist truck drivers figure out the pressure and temperature of their tires in realtime.

Semi truck drivers accustomed to checking their tires before each trip usually spend a lot of precious time in the process. Also inside duals are harder to reach and therefore usually get lesser attention than other wheels. The new Tire Pressure Monitoring System would allow a truck driver to access information regarding tire pressure and temperature at a simple press of a button, shortening the amount of time spent on the practice drastically.

The new TnT system can reportedly monitor up to 22 wheels at a time and can be used as a hand held device since users can switch to its independent power source. The device reads pressure and temperature information in realtime while the truck is in motion, detecting any changes and alarming the driver using wireless technology. This results in additional safety since the driver can stop the truck in anticipation of any major damage before it takes place.

As a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles, I appreciate all efforts made to ensure higher safety standards to protect motorists and pedestrians. The conclusions of this innovative endeavor is hopefully a step in the right direction. As a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer, I hope that supplying this information will assist those wanting to find newer and better ways to stay safe.