IIHS Releases 2012 Top Vehicle Safety Picks

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According to news sources, the top vehicle safety picks for the year 2012 were released Thursday by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a result of conducting dozens of crash tests for vehicles on the market to determine the safest options for consumers.

There are many safety categories that a vehicle must pass in order to become chosen as a top safety pick by the IIHS. These categories are evaluated through test crashes to determine any given vehicles strengths and weaknesses. Joining the safe vehicle ranks for 2012 for the very first time are the best selling Toyota Camry and Honda Accord vehicles. In all, a total of 115 vehicles have been chosen.

Toyota leads the pack with 15 winners, following by GM and Volkswagen, with each earning 14 to 13 winners respectively.

The winning lineup did not include any pickup trucks on the market today.

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