Nationwide Driver Cell Phone Ban Recommended By NTSB

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According to news sources, the National Transportation Safety Board has issued a recommendation to ban all cell phone usage while driving nationwide, in an attempt to clamp down on increasing cases of distracted driving related accident fatalities attributed to cell phone usage.

The recommendation was agreed to unanimously by the boards five member panel, although the NTSB can not effectively implement such restrictions on its own. However, lawmakers and federal regulators do take its recommendations very seriously.

Although states continue to pass legislation essentially banning certain activities such as texting while driving, the recommendation goes beyond the limited scope of existing state laws that target driver cell phone use. Essentially, it would ban the usage of any kind of portable electronic device for those behind the wheel, except in cases of emergency.

As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, I find this information beneficial to motorists and pedestrians alike. I have seen many instances of distracted driving cause severe devastation both to those who participate in activities such as texting while driving, as well as those who are victims of crashes caused by distracted drivers. As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I hope that the conclusions of this campaign will lead to safer roads.