Technology Blocks Drivers From Texting

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According to news sources, researchers working on a method to block drivers from texting while driving have been able to utilize a vehicles existing Bluetooth and audio technology to prevent the smart phones from allowing texting while the driver is behind the wheel.

Current technology is limited to tracking the GPS signal to determine if the user is in a moving vehicle, which has its drawbacks since it blocks phones from texting even in instances when the user is on public transportation. However, the new research developed at Stevens Institute of Technology and Rutgers allows signals to transmit from the phone to the vehicles Bluetooth system, while also utilizing the vehicles audio technology to pin point the location of the cell phone in use relative to the center of the vehicle. This allows passengers to use their phones uninterrupted while preventing drivers from texting.

The researchers presented data that showed a 95 percent accuracy in figuring out the exact position of the cell phone, thereby successfully preventing only drivers from texting while in a moving vehicle.

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