FDA Orders Syntec Dietary Supplements Seizure

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According to news sources, U.S Marshals received calls from The Food and Drug Administration to seize Syntec Inc. dietary supplement products due to false claims by the manufacturer in regards to the effectiveness of the drug to treat and cure certain diseases.

The FDA announced the measure after the manufacturer reportedly introduced new products to the market without FDA review. The marketing claims of the new drugs state that it could be used to prevent, treat or cure diseases such as cardiovascular disease and asthma, among others. The dietary supplements have brand names BoneCare, CardioCare, DigestiveCare, JointCare, SynBio, SynBio-X, SynCell, SynGevity, SynOmega, SynOPC, SynOPC-X, SynPhyto-K, SynVita, and VisionCar, the FDA said.

The agency has said that the claims of the company are not approved by the FDA.

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