Companies Join Forces To Create Innovative Safety Services

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According to news sources, two companies called LightSquared and Smarter Car have joined forced to create new innovative safety services for motorists on the roadway by supplying critical vehicle information to drivers and auto dealerships in realtime. The service is intended to be offered by automobile dealerships as an additional safety option.

The companies mentioned have signed a wholesale services agreement that will allow them to bring the new service to the marketplace by utilizing a device to be installed to an On-Board Diagnostics port in the vehicle and using a nationwide network to supply both dealerships and drivers with critical information regarding the vehicle in realtime.

The information that the technology presents would presumably lead to increased safety as well as better maintenance of the vehicle, therefore maintaining its overall value.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I appreciate all efforts made to ensure higher safety standards to all motorists on the road. The conclusions of this innovative endeavor seem to suggest that vehicles will be made safer by installing these creative information channels between the vehicles and their dealerships. As a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles, I hope that supplying this information will assist motorists in finding newer and better ways to stay safe on the road.