Distracted Driving Is Main Target Of "Operation Hang Up"

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According to the local news sources from New York, the successful operation Hang Up will allegedly continue to be effective throughout the holiday season so this will be a safe time for drivers and families alike.

The effort from the New York State Police targets drivers who might be using handheld electronic devices while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Texting while driving is a violation of the law and troopers are confident that this incisive law enforcement will keep drivers from assuming dangerous behaviors while handling their vehicles.

Official reports show that Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement vehicles will be monitoring all drivers closely. While it blends with the traffic with ease, troopers watch out for dangerous distracted drivers who are unaware they’re being watched.

As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney I urge all motorists in the state of California to follow the example of New York drivers and keep all handheld devices away from your reach.

Whenever you are the victim of a distracted driver that is breaking the law by texting while driving, contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles so you will have a proficient professional handling your case closely.